Barista Coffee Box



Ahhh yes, nothing like a fresh cup a joe in the am to get my day started. Barista coffee box is an artisan coffee subscription delivering up to 4 times a month! They give you the opportunity to try countless brands of coffee from all over! Each box you’ll get 4 packs of 2oz fresh coffee from a new roaster. I don’t like drinking the same coffee all the time so it’s perfect for trying new roasters from around the country!

In this box the featured roaster is Oceana which is from Palm Beach, Florida. Known for their hand-harvested green beans, this is a great roaster to start with! Roasted in small batches and sourced worldwide, mmmm mmm coffee time! The 4 packs include;

1. Ethiopia Limu Natural – great flavor profile here! Hints of sandalwood and lavender!

2. India Monsooned Malabar – the only dark coffee, heavy bodied, very earthy and smooth.

3. Sumatra Mandheling Grade 1 – love Sumatran coffee, grown in Indonesia, so smooth with hints of chocolate and organic!

4. Mexico Chiapas – I like this one as a cold brew, with hints of almond and chocolate, love this organic fair trade coffee!

Be sure to sign up for the giveaway on my Instagram page – and don’t forget to sign up before Sept 24th for a buy 1 get 1 deal on their site! Only $20 a box with free shipping! Order here;


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