Logan & Lenora



I was happy to find this company Logan & Lenora right after I discovered how much I love reusable bags. Although they target moms, these are perfect for anyone out there! They help moms keep the diaper bag organized, they are perfect for travel odds and ends, great for the beach for that wet bikini, and my fav, for food storage! I have to tote a large lunch bag so this is perfect for my snacks as I’m the one that usually spills something. The product quality is fantastic and the best I’ve seen for reusable bags like these. They are waterproof, toxin free, flexible, and zip shut which I love! They are fade and stain resistant, and incredibly durable. Best part is they are machine washable which I love!

Choose from clutches, pouches and totes in some of the cutest colours and designs. We have the petite pouch and clutch featured here in Shiloh, but love their Go Spot Go line too! I love their hobo tote and daytripper bag, they are perfect for a mama on the go, lunch bag, picnic bag or travel purse! Not to mention the convenience of the wristlet! Their sale section on their site is awwwwesome, I was getting jealous about all the past styles and designs I saw on their Instagram but luckily found tons of these still in the sale section! Their wet and dry bags in that section have some great patterns too, something to suit any style. They have comfortable and adjustable burp cloths and baby bibs that are organic, absorbent, washable and waterproof. Plus they have scarves for mom that double as a nursing cover, they are adjustable, washable and completely stylish!

They are inexpensive too, starting at $9.99 for the bibs and $11 for the pouch with free shipping on orders over $25! Order here;



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