My Russian Box


What a fun subscription! Sent all the way from Russia this is the My Russian Box with the ‘Russian New Years’ theme. Delivering ‘Russia’ straight to your door with 6 or more handpicked items that reflect a little Russian spirit. Perhaps some cultural and traditional items, sweets and treats, crafts and household items. You won’t find these items in the store down the street as they are often handmade by local artisans. Each box will be a unique experience full of stories and facts about each item. In this box there is a recipe for their popular Olivier salad and; 

  1. Ornaments – we have a pair of minutes felt boots, tree decorations, postcards and a fancy pen! 
  2. Gingerbread – a popular sweet that is very traditional!
  3. Pine nut marzipan candies covered in chocolate – obviously a necessity is chocolate! 
  4. Sbiten’ – this is fun! A non-alcoholic  traditional honey based drink filled with 12 herbs and spices. You can add it to drinks or food like milk or pastries! 
  5. Jacquard towel – tea towel with a ‘Russian Winter’ design! 
  6. Candles – super cute and yummy smelling natural beeswax candles! Hand rolled too! 

Starting at only $53 a box plus shipping, and ships worldwide! Order here;



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