Pet & People Parcel


Want a subscription box that both you and your best friend can enjoy? And by best friend I’m obviously talking about your 4-legged furry friend! Pet & People Parcel have made it a little easy to collect a package from the front door and open in front of your pooch. Some for me and some for you! The perfect combo! Each month you will get … In this box;

  1. Air plant – I’ve wanted one of these for so long! Finally! Eeeee! He kinda looks like a tarantula in that glass jar and that’s kinda the way I treat him (yes I call it a him) – I spray him once in awhile then leave him be, just living and breathing in my apartment. Came with the Mason jar, pebbles and spray bottle too! 
  2. Seeds – we have all my favs here; rosemary, sweet basil and Italian parsley. I don’t have much of a green thumb, but always worth a try! Comes with a Mason jar and cute little chalk board tag too! 
  3. Dogzilla Knobby Ball – gave this to my dads Labrador Bodie and he just loved it! Ran around the house flipping it in the air and catching it, seems pretty indestructible too! 
  4. Beef Burger Treat – can’t go wrong with a dog treat like this, the pooch loved it! 

Overall it didn’t seem like much in the photo, but it’s what the items mean to you. The happiness Bodie had with the toy, the enjoyment I’m getting from the air plant, and all the tools included like the Mason jars, pebbles and mini chalk board? I’d have to say this box was a success. Only… and use code PPPBONUS1 for an extra bonus item in your box until May 30th! Starting at only $30 a month with free shipping to the US only. Wanna hear something awesome? For every box sold they donate $1 to an Animal Shelter, that is my favourite cause, gotta tell ya, I’m a sucker for those puppy dog eyes! For those of you who don’t know I used to work for an Animal Shelter, ahhh I’m pretty sure I love dogs more than people at time. Lol. Anyways! Order here;

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