Pudus Lifestyle Co.


I’ve realized that since I’ve been working from home, switching daily from my daytime to nighttime pyjamas, that I actually didn’t have many comfy items to walk around the house in! I had some old slippers but realized that comfort is my priority right now so need to step up my game with Pudus Lifestyle Co. You’ve likely seen this company before with their famous fuzzy slipper socks with a faux-fur fuzzy and fluffy lining. They are a local BC company that makes animal friendly, PETA approved and vegan accessories that have found their way in the homes of everyone looking for comfort. Although perfect for our cold winters, I actually wear my Pudus products all year round, alternating my indoor and outdoor slippers as they are seriously so cozy and perfect to slip into after a long day of work. Their shop is packed with tons of hats, mittens, ponchos, scarves, and of course, tons of slippers and slipper socks. With TONS of different designs, they have something for the whole family as they have products for babies and toddlers too!

Check out their online shop and be sure to look at the snoods. Never heard that word before, but I love them! They are like a sock for your neck, haha! Choose from tons of products including toques, beanies, cable knit styles, pompoms and more. I also love their fuzzy headbands, perfect for hanging outside after dark as it keeps your whole body warm! Their boot slipper socks are great during the winter to wear in your Hunter boots or rain boots, keeping your warm and cozy in the coldest of places! But my fav is def the slide slippers, I’ve worn mine every single day! Best seller would still be their slipper socks though. They have a pair for everyone in the household with designs ranging from solids and patterns, holiday themes, pets, sports and more!

Get free shipping to Canada and the US with orders over $50! Also, be sure to check out their informative blog and their awesome rewards program to earn yourself some fab deals! Order here;


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