Book of the Month – May 2019


Love seeing the new selection from Book of the Month! What did the judges choose this month? Maybe a mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, a gripping memoir, a dramatic love story, a tale of struggles, I can’t wait to find out! Each month 5 judges including a guest judge skim hundreds of books and select those hidden gem novels you’ve always wanted to read (not just those books on the bestseller list that every single person has read). Judges can include well known book editors, best selling authors and celebrities! On the first of the month the books are posted with a quick review to help you make your selection, then you simply choose one or more hardcovers by the 6th of the month! Here are the May selections to choose from;

  1. Necessary People by Anna Pitoniak – BOTM Quick take: Stella and Violet are BFFs. And coworkers. Oh, and mortal enemies.
  2.  The Bride Test by Helen Hoang – BOTM Quick take: Liked The Kiss Quotient? This one’s even better.
  3. The Flight Portfolio by Julie Orringer – BOTM Quick take: Love, sacrifice, and persecution in WWII-era France.
  4. How Not to Die Alone by Richard Roper – BOTM Quick take: Steady job? Check. Great apartment? Check. Loving family? Well…
  5. The Buried by Peter Hessler – BOTM Quick take: A TL;DR on the past and present of Egypt.

Only $14.99 for your first book. Add up to 2 additional books of your choice from the extra books section for only $9.99 each. Skip as often as you like, and free shipping everytime! Want to get your books for even cheaper? Sign up for a yearly subscription and it drops your price down to $12.50 a month plus any extras you add! New member to BOTM? Use code SPRINGFEVER for a free book! For Mother’s Day they have a sale for $10 off a 6- or 12-month gift using code MOMKNOWSBEST. Order here;

Book of the Month

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