BurgerMania at Glowbal


BURGERMANIA has arrived! Looking to wrap your hands around a juicy, mouth watering burger? Get ready for these massive burgers & sliders with options for everyone. This is a limited time only menu so you better act quick as it ends on the 22nd and has specific times to take advantage! Okay, so here are your options. only $22 each;

  1. The Ultimate Burger – beef patty, mac and cheese, double smoked bacon, onion
    rings, egg, tomato, lettuce, pickle, truffle aioli served with sea salt fries. This one is perfect for the one who always gets the add-on’s, and that truffle aioli… I would like a bucket of it please!
  2. The Mediterranean – lamb patty, hummus, tzatziki, fried halloumi, bell peppers
    served with sweet potato fries.
  3. The Funky One – beef patty, spicy duck confit, pickled cucumbers, chili lime
    aioli, cotton candy served with tater tots poutine. Holy moses this was a massive burger, I wasn’t expecting so much duck, super filling and finger licking!
  4. The Veggie Nation – tempura portobello mushroom patty, guacamole, chipotle
    aioli, roasted eggplant served with truffle fries
  5. Slider Trio w/ The Surf & Turf – caramelized onions, braised short rib patty, tempura lobster truffle sauce, slaw, The Mediterranean – cheese-stuffed lamb patty, hummus, bell peppers, The Funky One – beef patty, spicy duck confit, pickled cucumbers, chili lime aioli served with cotton candy and tempura green beans – Okay seriously, if your going to get anything I would suggest the trio! That surf in turn was amazing, I ate it so fast I didn’t even get a chance to share a bite! Sorry not sorry!

Glowbal by the Glowbal group at the Telus Garden in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and it was superb! From the stunning decor inside and out, to the open concept kitchen, to the wrap around outside patio and bar, to the cage style booths. They are a great location for work meeting, or business event with private executive rooms available to reserve, perfect for a night out with the ladies with their fun cage style outdoor booths, lovely for a romantic dinner for 2 with a view, and fitting for a brunch on the weekend with their caesar cart! I’ve been to a few of the Glowbal group restaurants now and am blown away by all of them, each with something different to entice you to each and every one of them! As the winner of the 2018 Diners Choice Award, they have options for everyone with their $13 for a burger & beer every Friday until 3pm, Cocktail Hour is daily from 230-6pm, plus join in on $5 feature drinks and $1 feature oysters!

We also had a chance to try some amazing cocktails including ‘G’ soooo good! Mmmm can’t wait to get back there and try some more menu item!

Thank you to Grace, Ardallan, the wait staff and chefs for an amazing experience as always!

Visit them at 590 W Georgia St, Vancouver – Telus Garden


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