GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! Want to win a free box of sweet treats? Check out my contest on Instagram!

Love to try new sweet treats? InstaCandy is a candy and snack subscription sending you 7+ full sized products every month! You’ll get gourmet treats from around the world. Sweet. Sour. Chocolate. So many options! In this box;

  1. Road Crew Crunch – milk chocolate mile flavoured, so many yummy crunchy and salty bites in this bag!
  2. GoodBites – a healthy raw chocolate truffle with spirilina.
  3. Siss Sea Salt Caramel – sooooo good, opened it and took a huge bite immediately!
  4. DumDum’s – massive bag of these original lollies.
  5. SourPowerStraws – 2 bags of my fav types of candies!
  6. Almond Toffee – delicious and dark chocolate covered!

Got a craving you need filled? Starting at $17.99 a month for a 6 month subscription and up to $24.99 a month. Want $10 off your first order? Use code 10BUCKSOFF. Order here;

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