Shivas Delight


Looking to pamper yourself? Check out Shiva’s Delight and all their yummy self care goodies! They make vegan, organic, natural luxury skincare. You will never find chemicals or toxins in their products, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, and of course they don’t test on animals like many of those big brands. By the way, how is that still happening?

I was happily overwhelmed with their website and all the different options, so many fun things to try! They have products for bath and body, hand and foot, facial care, fragrances and men’s products too! They have a wild range of products, found some tattoo balm, nail serum, lots of different flavoured body butters and body scrubs, deodorants, facial serums and masks too.

This time around I’m trying the joint and muscle soothing balm which I put on my aches every night, it’s super helpful! My man loves the lavender cedar wood beard and hair oil, perfect for maintaining his beard. We got a sensitive facial serum for my sensitive skin, and the lovely autumn rose beauty bar, just lather up and relax! Got myself an oatmeal soap, mmmm and the lemon poppyseed that I loveeeee the smell of! Also got an everything herbal balm, charcoal clay masque with honeysuckle and botanical exfoliating grains. What products will you choose? Order here;

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