Coast to Coast


Loving these massive bags of fresh roasted coffee from Coast to Coast, a Toronto company, something great about them is they roast and ship on the same day! Pretty sure the bags were warm when they were delivered to me… or was it just my imagination? Either way they smelled soooo fresh and ready to grind and drink! Not only is their coffee fair trade but it’s organic as welland in green packaging that is biodegrable. So many great flavours to choose yourself or go with a subscription surprise plan. In this months we got;

1. Dam Good Drip – heehee love the beaver name here, is Canadians eh? This is my fav, such a good everyday cup of joe. 

2. Papua New Guinea Enorga – mmmm a mix of chocolate and citrus! 

3. Holiday Blend – a mix of their Ethiopian, Bolivian and Papua New Guinea. 

4. Peru Penachi – with notes of caramel, black cherry and nuts you can’t go wrong with this bold blend. 

Sign up for 400grams sent weekly or as often as you’d like for only $16.95 with free shipping. Let them do the work for you in sourcing your next cup a joe. Under 40 cents a cup! They also have some great advice on coffee bean grinding, water to coffee ratio, temperatures and other fun stuff that I had no idea, thanks for the tips! Still have questions? They love talking coffee so just reach out to them and ask! Bonus! If you purchase any recurring gift of 6 orders or more they’ll send you a FREE package of coffee with code gift2016. Order here;


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