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Are you looking to redecorate? Update your feng-shui maybe? My favorite subscriptions are ones that help me reorganize and clean up the look of my home. Whether it’s a new cutting board or some new fresh summer decor pieces, I love updating the look around the house! Designed Life Delivered is a fun seasonal subscription that sends you a giant box of trendy home decor, seasonal decorations, wall accents, and more with fun textiles, colours and materials to keep your home looking modern, fun, inviting and classic! Their items are transitional enough to be used year round and in different rooms around the hour. This subscription is a great gift idea for the new home owner, great for Realtors to stock up on as well to gift to their clients! You can expect 6-10 hand picked seasonal items like kitchen utensils, wall decor, candles, wall decor, and other home accents. I love everything in this box which is a relief and looking forward to their next seasons box already! With experience in interior design I can’t imagine they will have any troubles selling out each season with amazing items like this box! Here is the Summer box which includes some fun colours, lots of blues and browns and pieces that are perfect for an outdoor summer BBQ!

  1. Serving Board – Perfect as a charcuterie board which is great year round and one of my favorite things in this box. Loving the blue and white marble, so stunning.
  2. Wood Beads – Great for adding a little texture to the room, perfect as a decorative piece or to hang on the wall.  
  3. Throw Blanket – Super lightweight and great for outdoors or indoors as a blanket, used as seating on a picnic, or as a decorative piece.
  4. Candle + Matches – Super pretty and yummy smelling fig candle and the match box is so pretty!
  5. Serving Bowl – Super stunning with the wood look, great as a serving dish for salads or as a decorative piece.
  6. Serving Tongs – Perfect for summer, never had fancy serving tongs before so these were much needed and perfectly match the rest of the decor!

This seasonal box is $175 every quarter if you sign up for a subscription, shipping is included, they ship across the US. That is an amazing deal as the boxes are worth around $300, so almost double what you’re paying! Order here;



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