Quinn Snacks


Movie & Popcorn time! I dunno about you but I love a big bowl of popcorn and a soda pop to pair with a good flick on Netflix! I jump for Quinn products because they provide snacks that are ‘Farm to Bag’. Do you know what that means? It means they’re literally 100% transparent when it comes to sourcing their products and ingredients, utilizing local farmers and all natural ingredients to bring you the best tasting popcorn and snacks. This is a company you won’t think twice about bringing into your household and feeding to your little ones. No chemicals, no artificial flavours, non-gmo, no plastics, plus they use real grass fed clarified butter. Here is their product line;

  1. Microwave Popcorn – they have White Cheddar, Parmesan & Rosemary, Just Sea Salt and Vermont Maple Kettle
  2. Popped Popcorn – they have White Cheddar, Organic Coconut Oil, Super Kale & Sea Salt and Classic Sea Salt
  3. Real Butter Popcorn – they have Classic Butter, Truffle Butter and Movie Night Extra Butter
  4. Popping Kernels – when you wanna create your own quantities and flavours!
  5. Pretzels – A delicious gluten free snack for everyone! They have Classic Sea Salt Touch of Honey to choose from, mmm yum! Perfect with a little dip too!

Order here;


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