Farming Karma Apple Soda


De-li-cious! I’m a huge apple everything fan, apple pie, apple juice, apple sauce, but never have I tried apple soda! I’ve never even heard about this product before, let alone I’ve never thought about it or what it would taste like. This is a great alternative for those who want a pop but don’t want the unhealthy guilt to come with it. No more cola for me when I’ve got these around! There is no sugar added so you don’t have to feel bad when your craving something fizzy but flavourful. I don’t enjoy those sugarless sodas with a pinch of citrus, I like my soda to be more mouth watering, like this! I feel like it’s a cross between an apple juice and apple sparkling juice. It’s got a nice flavour and a good about of carbonation to enjoy at the dinner table for sure. With an apple in each can you know you can serve this to your kids too!

They are local in Kelowna and have a fun location to go visit including a full service RV park, tasting room where you can even fill a growler, and order some apple fries or green apple gelato, they also have cherry juice (since they grow cherries too!) and apple cherry juice. Be sure to check out the picnic area and dog wash station (super random but awesome), watch the production in action, play some outdoor games like disc golf and more!

So enjoy your freshly squeezed Okanagan apple soda! Only $1.99 a can and found in stores across Canada! Find out more here;


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