The Bowl Maker


I noticed Cary Lane’s beautiful sculptures during a visit down to Bellingham last year. I’ve always wanted to try sculpting and loved her story on falling into the ceramics industry. Having such a passion for art is admirable and then I saw her work. Its fun, creative and exploratory with different shapes, colours and made from scratch in her home. My favorite items of hers are the Lucky Cups. There are a few different sizes from small to XL each with different animals, and bowls with different cute lines. Each have different splashes of colour and different stories as they are all hand painted. Here we got;

  1. Lucky Koi – my favourite, I love the colours and the meaning, as koi are known to represent wealth and good fortune.
  2. Lucky Bison
  3. Lucky Unicorn
  4. Lucky Hummingbird
  5. Sparrow

The lucky cups range in price based on size from $10 for the Small hummingbird size to $16 for the XL bison size. She also sells poem books, mermonkey craft kits, Large mugs for $16 like the yellow sparrow mug and even cards for $2 each which are far better than your typical Hallmark card. You can also purchase some of her original pieces, pint glasses and don’t forget her sale section which is full of goodies! You can find her products all over Washington and scattered throughout the rest of the US. Order here;


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