Nostalgic Candy Club


Where have all those ol’ candies gone? I feel like a have to travel to another town in search of all those old school sweets and treats. But no more! Nostalgic Candy Club is here! Bringing you all your old favourites at last! Each month they’ll send you 4+ full sized items and a handful of small candies to satisfy every sweet tooth in the family! All your old favourites from your childhood. Like my favs from the old corner store we had in our neighbourhood. All those 1 cent belly button candies and 5 cent candies…. miss em! I just wish someone would find those ol’ Sodalicious candies… that’s a challenge! In this box;

  1. Jimmie Stix – pretzel covered and peanut butter and chocolate.
  2. Clark Bar – a common favorite!
  3. Oh Henry! – back in the original package, these are a fav of mine still!
  4. Mary Janes – a peanut butter and molasses favorite!
  5. Pixie sticks – sugar dust!
  6. The Original – 3 flavours – watermelon, apple and grape, I love the watermelon candies!!!
  7. Smarties – the American kind, aka rockets in Canada!
  8. Atomic fireball – not a fan of these
  9. Double Bubble – the bessst gum

Only $19.99 a month and free shipping which is a good deal if you include all the time it takes to find all these sugary sweets! Order here;

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