ColorClub – Color by Amber



Color Club By Amber’s Color Club on the blog today! Cute and Eco-friendly jewelry subscription empowers women from all over the world! Such a burst of colour popping out of this box! Color Club jewelry is made in the US by female artisans and made of 40% recycled content using 100% of the product so nothing is being sent to landfills. Even the facility uses renewable energy to reduce global warming. Everything is BPA free and non-toxic so you can ‘do good’ and ‘look good’! They jewelry is made with interlayers whigh is natural elements lIke  hand-spun silks, exquisite mohair, and artisan-crafted fossil leaves.

In the top right is the September box I got 4 of their bracelets that are all different designs, my fav is a little light blue one with fray paper from Nepal as well as that funky looking little gold coloured bracelet that is super cute and has raffia and lurex from Indonesia. Then the August box with 3 bracelets and the long necklace that is extremely versatile and interchangeable to match with plenty of outfits.

They are involved in lots of different initiatives, donating profits to some great things like education, drinking water, farming and more. They provide fair trade and equal paying jobs for women with artisans in Madagascar, Nepal, China, Indonesia, South Africa and more. Only $39.95 a month for $80 worth of jewelry and free shipping! Order here;


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