Elementary Box – June PreK Box



This is a great gift for your kids teacher, a friend or family that’s a teacher, even good for those home schooled or even just a mom! Elementary Box focuses on pre-K thru grade 5 with seasonal themes as well. You can expect to find teaching resources, student incentives and teacher gifts that build a sense of community in the classroom made by local small businesses. A lovely memory I have from when I was in elementary school was that mom used to give my sister and I ‘I Tried It!’ stickers whenever we tried something new. Rye bread? Sticker. Dragon Fruit? Sticker. Sushi? Sticker. I loved it, and u learned to try new things, something that I am proud of today. Loving these stickers, hence why I say this is good for a mom or teacher! Teachers really do so much for our kids, they have a hard job, I know I could never do it, I have a hard enough time babysitting one 2-yr old, let along a class full! In this box;

  1. Minty Paperie thank you cards – I always like to stock up on thank you or blank cards, they also give you a 50% off code for future orders on their stationary! http://www.mintypaperie.com/
  2. Ribbon & Superhero stickers – Westy loveees stickers, we played with stickers for 30mins along yesterday, so he’ll be happy with these, I’ll have to remind my sister to do the ‘I tried it’ with these!
  3. Certificate of Achievement Awards – I used to love getting these when I was in school, even as an adult it’s a great feeling. At work recently I got the Innovation in the Workplace award, something that really made me smile. I take a lot of pride in my work, and am always thankful when I’m appreciated, that’s just me, so kids are just the same (I’m just a big kid really…).
  4. Dry erase & microfiber towel – Always a necessary tool in the classroom!
  5. Happy Reading Happy Learning sing along books – these are great educational tools, will have to sing them with Westy!

Order here for only $27 a month with code THANKATEACHER with free shipping (this box is worth $40!) made for teachers by teachers! Don’t forget to check out their instagram and pinterest page, loving the past boxes!



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