The Nooky Box


Okay it’s past bedtime and time to play! One of my favourite boxes is obviously the Nooky Box! Keeping me up to no good but oh so fun. Looking to spice up your relationship and sex life? The Nooky Box lets you celebrate your sexuality with sex toys and accessories and other fun stuff. They have lots of different boxes to fit all your needs; lube box, bro box, bj box, menopause box, kink box, haha the list goes on and it’s hilarious but awesome that they literally cater to all your sexual needs. These boxes are curated by sex experts who want to ensure your relationship succeeds with sexual experimentation and fun! In this box;

  1. Clandestine Mimic Vibrator – this is worth $125 on it’s own!!! Whaaaa?! Soooo of course I tested it out and shaaabam! It did the trick! Strong and shaped to perfectly lay against you for fun on the outside. This vibrator won the August Cosmo toy of the Month, and after a few test rounds I can see why! It’s 100% submergable (ooooh fun!) and rechargeable (the only way to go!).
  2. Sliquid Natural Sea Lube – a perfect water based lube to get you both ready for hours of fun! 
  3. JO Refresh Foaming Toy Cleaner – keep those toys clean and ready for the next use! Foam cleansers are the only way to go for toy cleaners I’d say! 
  4. SHE Intimate Fitness AfterGlow Wipes – these are great wipes to have on hand for before and after play time. Keep your lady parts fresh! 
  5. Other extra goodies! – JO total body shave sample – super hydrating. LUST Naked lube sample. Heathy HooHoo feminine cleanser to clean your lady bits fresh. JO h2o personal lube gel. Mini bottle of Kama Sutra kissable body oil. A drop of this will entice and encourage a little play time! Also comes with a little naughty story to read while alone having a 1-on-1 sesh. 

Not only do they have a subscription, but also an online shop! Check out their products and even boxes like the Sex is Passion Signature box full of fun items! They even have the Vesper necklace… haven’t heard of it? Look it up! They have a new theme every quarter so sign up today to start having a little more fun! Only $79 every 3 months plus free shipping. Plus get $10 off when you sign up for their newsletter. This box is worth $162 and they introduce you to new products worth trying! Great for solo play or to entice your partner! Use code SHARETHENOOKY for 10% off! Order here;

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