Field to Cup – Adventurers Box


Tea Time folks! This has got to be the most amazing tea subscription! Look how many massive bags we got here! Want to discover new, unique tea each month? Each month, Field to Cup will send you loose leaf, high quality tea. You also have the option of organic only. All teas come in resealable pouches, tea bags, a steeping guide, and free shipping of course! Plus they have free tea replacements, so if you don’t like it you get a replacement the following month. You also earn points for every dollar spent in their store. So many options for monthly subscriptions too!

They have the Discoverer for $27.97 and comes with 5 different teas, enough for 60+ cups. There’s the Explorer for only $14.97 a month for 4 different fresh loose leaf teas, enough for 20+ cups. Lastly there is the Adventurer $34.97 a month with 4 different teas, enough for 40+ cups with 2 of the teas being Premium.  In this December Adventurers box we got 20 grams of each of the following;

  1. Premium Green Tea Silver Bud Jasmine Pearls – this is a green tea from China, Fujian Province, and is hand-rolled and scented with real Jasmine blossoms, each bud set is individually rolled by hand, and then laid carefully to dry next to real Jasmine blossoms.
  2. Premium Black Tea Organic Sikkim First Flush – this is an organic black tea from India, the Temi Tea Garden, since it’s the only tea garden there, it’s a jewel in the region. You’ll notice smooth scents of sandalwood and hints of nutmeg in this tea.
  3. Premium Black Tea Smoky Keemun – this is a black tea from Anhui Province in China. It’s top grade Keemun with savory smoky and mineral notes, produced solely in the Qimen county.
  4. Herbal Blend Cacao Spice Chai – this is a herbal chai with cacao shells, rooibos, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger, a yummy warm tea!

They also sell some fancy tea pots in their store, really nice Borosilicate Glass ones. They even have a Japanese Cast Iron Teapot in one of their Gift sets. Their gift sets look just as exciting as their subscription boxes! So many amazing teas, so hard to choose! They have about 20 I’d like to try right away! The Mexican Hot Chocolate Black Tea, Carrot Muffin, Roasted Almond, Rooibos Pumpkin Patch, Vanilla Horchata, Almond Praline, Chocolate Cashew… okay I’ll stop now. Either way you can be sure you are getting the very best as they go the extra way to test their products. Order here;

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