Plate Crate


Baseball obsessed? Want to try out the latest gear and gadgets? Batter up and get the Plate Crate, sending you your choice of a baseball or softball box each month, or go for the mega box! Need some help with your swing? Grip? Want to get an edge on your curve ball? Each month includes 3-5 items plus other fun goodies. You might get some baseball gear, equipment, training aids, hats, and other baseball or softball items depending on which box you choose. So perhaps a weighted ball, ground ball, impact balls, products for your bat, glove, the list goes on of what could be in each box! In this box;

  1. Plate Crate snap back trucker style hat – loving this hat while enjoying the great outdoors. Perfect for a hike, ball game or stroll in the big city.
  2. GloveLock – these little guys are great to hold your glove straps in place.
  3. BlitzBall – improve your curve ball throwing, better than your backyard wiffle ball.
  4. Gorilla Gold grip enchanter – useful rag to get a better grip on your bat.
  5. Chinook Seedery – 2 flavours I’ve never tried! Parm & pepper and  green Chile!
  6. Gum, candy and stickers!

The baseball and softball boxes are only $29 a month. Or the mega box is $250 and includes a Blast Motion sensor, bar weight, two hands pro, trucker hat, drawstring backpack, tee stackers and more, saving you over $60! They have an online store so you can purchase a baseball tee or trucker hats for only $24. You can ever purchase a baseball bat for $99 and past boxes as well if you missed out before! Order here;

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