Cocktail Courier


Ohhh my goodness, this is such a fun box… everything you need to make cocktails?! Ummm hello?! Cocktail Courier sends you all the bar ingredients to make new and exciting drinks without having to own a massive collection of your own. They bring new and exciting liquors and spirits for you to try and indulge in each month. Just follow the recipe and whip up a few cocktails for you and your friends! This will impress everyone for sure as those drinks are going to be delicious and new and exciting! So perfect if your into mixology and experimenting behind the bar!

Recipes are curated by award winning recipes by top professional bartenders in the country! Each month will include enough ingredients to serve 4-12 cocktails. Just choice your preference of booze ranging from vodka, tequila, rum, gin, or whiskey! I like em’ all so can’t go wrong with me! You can pay per drink and order that was as well rather than a subscription which looks like it starts around $6 a drink. So order fab recipes for as many people as you want! And their recipes are simply amazing! They have a Paloma, a holiday spiked cocoa, margarita, mules, old fashioned… and those ingredients? So much easier to go this route than going out and buying each and everyday syrup, bitter and added ingredient! You can even shop their online store, get some bar tools, syrups, glassware, anything you need to be the perfect bar master!

Last months box was super exciting making the ‘Land of Smiles’ using some fun new flavours and flavours I’ve never tried before. We have the Pandan leaf syrup which gives it that exotic feel with a nutty taste, rosewater, cardamom bitters, a fun and fruity apricot preserve which I never thought to use in a drink before!!! Olive oil droplets as a garnish which I’ve also never tried but it gives it a smooth velvety finish. Best of all it’s paired with the super smooth Bourbon Whiskey finished with Hickory Wood by Cleveland Underground. Taste test? Delicious! This is a cocktail I would surely make again. It was super simple and yet easy to impress your friends with the fun colours. And that Whiskey? So good!

only $49.99 per month for their subscription! They also take custom orders for your wedding or party. Need a bartender? They can help you with that too! Order here;

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