Roots & Wings Distillery – Craft Cocktail Club


Cocktail Time! If you know me well you’d know I am craft cocktail obsessed! When I visit a new city I always make a list of the best cocktails to try and then I try and recreate them at home, but ya know what? They never taste the same! I never have all the ingredients necessary to create the perfect cocktail! No more! Roots & Wings is a distillery in Langley and not only do they make their own spirits, but they also create delicious (seriously, so good!) craft cocktails that you can sip on in between trying out all the different spirits. The best part? Now they have a Craft Cocktail Club that provides you with all the ingredients to make a fancy cocktail at home for your family and friends (or a bunch for myself – muahaha!). No more trying to source all the bar ingredients to make new and exciting drinks, now you can get your own box (which includes one of their very own bottles of spirits!!!) and create magical drinks on your own without having to own a massive collection. Just follow the recipe and whip up a few cocktails sure to impress everyone, perfect if your into mixology and experimenting behind the bar, and a great gift idea, I’m thinking a house warming for sure!

Each box will include enough ingredients to serve about 6 cocktails. Here we have the Sidekick Cider box. This is a cocktail I would surely make again, I’ve already made it 3 times now. It was super simple to make, packed with fresh and local ingredients, a fun garnish and an Autumn theme! Each craft cocktail box includes a bottle (375 ml) of craft spirit, recipe and all the ingredients to create a signature cocktail. This box included a bottle of Rootside Ginger Beer Mix, Triple Jim’s apple cider and their own signature bottle of Sidekick Whiskey along with some cinnamon sticks for garnish. Each box is somewhere between $65 and $75 plus taxes which is a steal since it includes a full bottle of booze too!

Be sure to visit them in store to try their spirits. They are artisan, gluten free and homegrown and sure to tickle your fancy. They have some fun ones like cranberry & orange vodka, a coffee infused vodka, a cinnamon & honey whiskey to name a few! Be sure to check them out online to get some amazing cocktail recipes too!

Find out more about their distillery here;

Find out more about their Craft Cocktail membership here;

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