Put a Bow on It – July Box



I love getting this box at my door, it’s always so exciting. My birthday again? Oh my! But seriously, what beautifully wrapped packaging, too bad I tear it apart like a 5 year old. This Canadian subscription company offers you a Deluxe or Premium monthly subscription. This months theme was ‘Chic Happens’, makes me feel so girly, even thou I’m much more of a jeans and tee kinda girl. In this box;

  1. Voluspa Flora Di Mare Candle – This candle is so pretty! Love the beaded glass, and smells so good.
  2. ‘Paris Is Always a Good Idea’ tote – You can never have too many totes, this one reminds me of The Hills, a reality TV show I used to watch back in the day, Isn’t that where this line came from?
  3. ‘Hello Lovely’ paper weight – This is cute for my desk at work, or maybe I should finally make a little office at home so I can finally sit at a desk and write my reviews (yes I like to lay partially upside down on my couch while reviewing… )
  4. Whittles clothes pins – I love these, so adorable, trying to think of where I can use them! Will have to head to Pinterest for some ideas.
  5. Kate Spade socks – purdy little touch of colour!
  6. Graphique de France art prints – I need to get some frames for these, will work them into my bedroom ensemble, perfect for any fashionista in your life and comes with 6.

Can’t stop gushing over their past boxes, I want them all! They are always a good value I believe, worth more than what your paying for sure. The Deluxe boxes start at $33 and the Premium start at $50 plus shipping. Lovely gift to send as a one time for friends and family, or to pamper yourself monthly! Order here;


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