PostMark’d Studio


What an adorable box. This was a fav of mine for presentation. I loved every aspect and appreciate the effort they put in this one to make it took enticing. The Postmark’s Studio is a subscription delivering on snail mail and more! Each month you’ll get a variety of m greeting cards and other paper products and fun goodies. They encourage snail mail and the lovely art you can create with it. Snail mail and pen palling is such fun and exciting. I love getting snail mail! I feel like I only get wedding and baby invites by snail mail… oh and the occasional bill. But a post card or letter goes a long way. So get to decorating an envelope with writing, stickers, banners and stamps, making it too pretty to open and send off a heart felt card to a love one! Here is the January black & white themed box;

  1. We have 5 stunning cards, some can be sent as a postcard and some are better tucked in an envelope. The zebra on skates and the black sheep are adorable. Really great quality paper too.
  2. Desktop calendar w/ magnetic bullnose clip – super cute and great for my work space. Lovely pop of colour for your office each month.
  3. Calligraphy pen – was super excited for this! Have never tried but always wanted to test out my skills with calligraphy! No excuses now!
  4. Stamps & pencil – super cute, old school stamps to fancy up your snail mail!

Only $30.95 a month, or less with a longer subscription. Not bad, and cheaper then heading to Hallmark every month to find a greeting card that everyone else already has. Here you’ll get greeting cards, postcards, doodads and artsy gadgets With a new theme each month. Check out their online store too! Order here;

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