CMYFabrikBox – March Box



CMyFabrikBox is such a fun creative idea! I’m a newbie and have wanted to get into sewing so badly, but have never known where to start, what tools to get and what to make. This ‘Totes gone wild’ box comes with everything you need to make that months DIY project. I was blown away by the amount of products in this box, and I cannot wait to post my finished project! The only sewing tools I had previously were those little sewing kits you find in hotel room… And I always have some spares buttons laying around. In this box you will find a handheld, portable, cordless sewing machine – This. Is. Awesome. What a great idea!

You also have all the materials supplied for you; needles, scissors, marking pencil, string, thread, adorable pin cushion, customized tape measure and sewing kit all in a cute little pouch, everything you need to create this TOTES adorable Tote! (Pun intended). And the fabric is what they are proud of. You won’t find this stuff anywhere else so your unique project is yours to show off! They have some awesome past project boxes too, an apron, clutch… can’t to see what’s next!

There are some options as well, you could go with a sew or no see kit, and your first welcome kit would include either this sewing machine or a glue gun and glue sticks, that makes me so curious to see what’s in the other box!!!

Boxes are $35.00 a month with free shipping, this box definitely seems worth it. Don’t forget to check out their Pinterest page! Order yours at;


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