Munch Pak


Looking to ‘snack’ around the world? For under ten bucks a month you could travel the world snack by snack with MunchPak! You’ll be able to try gummies from India, chips from Greece, candy from Mexico, sweet treats from Bahamas and spicy goodies from Japan! What other box let’s you get a little bite from each corner of the world? Each month you’ll get a box of snnnnnacks, they are fun, new and exciting new flavors that your guaranteed to never have tried or maybe even heard of! How exciting! That’s what got me into reviewing subscription boxes in the first place, the possibility of trying new things, my favorite!

They have a few different options to choose from. They have their Mini box with 5+ snacks, full size of course with the options of adding coffee or tea. Or we have the Munch Pak Original with 10+ treats and the option of adding a drink like soda, juice, coffee, tea, energy drinks, and water. Lastly we have the family pack with 20+ treats and fun for the whole family! Lastly choose if you want a box weekly, biweekly, or monthly!

They even offer free shipping… I mean come on, it’s the price of 2 overpriced cups of coffee but a box of goodies from around the world! Love something you tried in a past box? Of course you do! That’s why they have an online store so you can stock up on all your favorites! They literally have 1,000’s of past snacks to choose from… it’s insane, it took me 10mins just to scroll to the bottom of the page! Looking for a flavor of trips you could never dream of? They even have a Moscow Mule flavored chip! Their subscriptions range from under $10 for a 6 month subscription for a mini and up! Use code subboxgirl for a $3 off discount! Order here;

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