My Junk Trunk



Looking to slowly revamp your underwear and sock drawer? This is such a fun box to help you replace all those socks with holes, it’s okay, we all got em’! My Junk Trunk is a men’s underwear and sock box where each month you’ll get some great quality stylish products for your junk, oh and ur toes of course. ­čśë Pick your style of undarooos from briefs, trunks or┬ájocks (and thong ­čÖŐ) and let them do the rest! I really like the brands, colours and style of this months choices, those underwear are sexy and great quality. I’m already a big fan of the sock brand too and am keeping these for myself!

Oh and did you know 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer? Luckily Junk Trunk donates a portion to Prostate Cancer which is ver your generous of them.

There are a few package options depending if you want all socks, all undies, or a combo of the two, the above is what most go for and is $38.95 a month. Free shipping to US & Canada on orders over $38us. Order here;


About SubscriptionBoxGirl

sß┤ť╩Ösß┤ä╩Ç╔¬ß┤śß┤Ť╔¬ß┤Ć╔┤ ╩Öß┤Ćxß┤çs | ß┤ś╩Çß┤Ćß┤ůß┤ťß┤äß┤Ťs | ß┤çß┤áß┤ç╔┤ß┤Ťs | ß┤çxß┤śß┤ç╩Ç╔¬ß┤ç╔┤ß┤äß┤çs ╔¬╔┤Ďô╩čß┤ťß┤ç╔┤ß┤äß┤ç╩Ç ╔¬╔┤ ß┤áß┤Ç╔┤ß┤äß┤Ćß┤ťß┤áß┤ç╩Ç & ╔¬╔┤ß┤Ťß┤ç╩Ç╔┤ß┤Çß┤Ť╔¬ß┤Ć╔┤ß┤Ç╩č

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