UnCorked Box – July



Wine obsessed? This is the box for u! Uncorked is a wine themed subscription box full of wine related items… sorry folks, wine not included! I am VERY much wine obsessed myself, I went to the Okanagan for my birthday back in November and had a little too much fun… 3 days and 36 bottles later I finally made it back home. Actually just got back from the Okanagan again this weekend, took 1 day for the wineries that I never made it to last year and got another 6 bottles, woohoo! This subscription is the perfect gift for 50% of you I’d say, but don’t worry beer lovers, I got something coming up for you soon too! I would get this subscription for myself to save for the perfect gift, just grab your fav bottle of vino to throw in to the mix and you have a lovely bridal shower, wedding, birthday, mother’s day gift, they’d be crazy not to love this one! Each month you can expect 4-7 wine related items, in this box;

  1. Primitives Wine tote – ‘All you need is love… and a bottle of wine’ – couldn’t have said it better myself, perfect for toting around a bottle of vino, which I usually bring in larger bags each weekend for a fancy dinner, this bag is much more suitable.
  2. GoVino wine glasses – these are shatterproof, dishwasher safe, recyclable, reusable wine glasses, contoured for easy holding too! Comes with a coupon for free shipping on your next order as well!
  3. Spa’Vignon blanc organic soap – Ahhh you see what they did there? Love the name, nice vitamin rich soap.
  4. Drink Markers – Love these, nothing worse then losing your wine glass in a party! Mark yours with one of these and it’ll never happen again! Unless you forget your colour after a little too much vino…

Bonus, comes with a fancy dark chocolate brix bite to pair with that big red I’m currently sipping on. They also have a Champagne box, woot! Starting at only $24 a month and free shipping it’s a steal, and be sure to use code AUGUST10 for $10 off your 1st month!

Order here;



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