Uncorked Box


Still have a Christmas present to buy? You can never go wrong with your wine obsessed friends and family with an Uncorked subscription! Uncorked is a wine themed subscription box full of wine related items… sorry folks, wine not included. Perhaps you’ll get some wine coasters, tags, food items, bath and body items, I’m excited about the endless options! Each month you can expect 4-7 wine related items, in this box;

1. Plastic wine cups – this box was actually for Thanksgiving but I’ll be using these for Christmas anyways! 

2. Name tags and holders – loveee these adorable wine cork name tag holders. They are the perfect touch For any celebration.

3. Wine tag – super cute to put around the neck of a bottle for show or as a gift! 

4. Celebrate table topics game – love that they included a game, I love drinking or socializing games. Always up for a card or board game, which I wish more people were too!

5. Wine crank – I know it’s just a wine crank but it’s sooo cute, loooove the colour! Plus they are important for getting your wine open oooobviously. No use having those cheap ones that break your cork. 

They have lots of box options too, friend or teacher box, hostess, welcome home, champagne, also have a Champagne box, woot! Starting at only $24 a month with free shipping, then the speciality boxes start at $30 and are great gift ideas, just grab your fav bottle of vino to throw in to the mix and you have a lovely bridal shower, wedding, birthday, mother’s day gift, they’d be crazy not to love this one! Order here;


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