Surprise Me Box – September



SURPRISE! In a box! Cute name for this subscription box which aims to always send you little surprises. They want you to feel that thrill of opening a surprise, maybe you want to send it to yourself! Maybe you want to sign up for a subscription and hand them out as gifts each month! Either way, someone will be smiling and surprised! You can expect to find full size products, curated by artists or hard to find exclusive products. Perhaps some decor, beauty items, stationary, all with a parisian touch! They also have an online store to order individual items, and OMG they are so cute! The straw and leather totes are soooo cute! I like the themes too, the theme for this box was ‘Organize in Style’ which I can clearly see! I’m excited to see the upcoming ones too thou! Oct is Pamper, Nov is Be Thankful and Dec is Celebrate! At your first look it might not look like much but that paper bag is the hottest thing right now! In this box;

  1. Le petit sac en papier – The hottest craze! Love how many uses there are for this bag! It’s cute, big and matches any decor. The material is thicker than a typically brown paper bag which makes this the perfect household item. Fill it with toys, stationary like wrapping paper, blanket holder for next to the couch, even great for plants and flowers!
  2. Tote – Cute little french inspired tote designed by Holly Nichols.
  3. ParagraphLoop Jewelry holder – Tiny gold hand painted wooden jewelry holder, great for rings or use for other purposes!
  4. Notebook – ‘Surprises to Give – Dates to Remember’ this is a cute little booklet to take on your everyday travels to stay organized!
This subscription is $40 a month with free shipping in the US, if you order a year’s subscription you get a month free as well! Use code BOXGIRL for 5% off your subscription! A great thing is that for each box 1% is donated to a USA children’s charity. Order here;


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