Chiwis Kiwi Chips


Chiwi’s Kiwi’s! YUM! I’m so kiwi obsessed! Finally a local companies that’s dedicated to making amazing tasting all natural kiwi! Seriously, doesn’t it make you salivate just imaging that sour taste! Drool. But seriously, I love snacking on dried kiwis, it’s such a flavourful packed treat that’s a healthy superfood! They also have the tropical version which is a mixed bag of kiwi, pineapple and coconut. Yessss please! The perfect snack to bring on a hike, picnic, road trip, or a healthy treat to snack on at homes.

These delicious and nutritious bite sized snacks offer a ton of health benefits including a wack of fibre since leave the skins on the kiwis. No added sugars or additives here, just immune boosting Vitamin C, E & K, potassium, folate; minerals, bioactive compounds and antioxidants! Not to mention they are vegan, gluten free and paleo friendly. Kiwis are shown to reduce blood pressure; boost immune systems, improves digestion, fight disease, heart healthy, reduce toxins, helps your eyes, supports pregnancy, the list goes on!

They run from $5.25+ a bag depending how many you order. They are currently offering free shipping in Squamish and free shipping for orders over $100, so stock up! Order here;

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