Care Of


Health. Something we take for granted everyday. Something I really need to work on. Who’s there to help me accomplish that? Care Of. They are a personalized daily vitamin and more pack that is created just for you! They are probably one of the most fascinating companies I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing as well. Just see for yourself. Check out their easy to use site and take the questionnaire to see what they suggest for you. I mean seriously…. I’ve been to doctors and naturopaths plenty of times but would rather use this company as I can interchange what I want to focus on so much easier, and without the hassle of going back and forth to a vitamin or supplement store. Just take their short and simple questionnaire to let them know what you are trying to focus on. Perhaps it’s your stress levels, energy, sleep, so many things that you might not realize you can benefit from if you are simply taking the proper vitamins for a natural boost. It will go through the basics, your goals, lifestyle and values. Upon taking the questionnaire I was blown away by the accuracy of what I wanted to accomplish. The main factors they want to determine are which of the following do you want to improve that month or moving forward. Focus, stress, energy, eyes, heart, skin, digestion, immunity, joints, bones and prenatal. What was important to me at this time? Based on the questionnaire the recommendations for me were;

  1. Ashwagandha – based on the fact that I told them I feel burnt out throughout my work day and super stressed as my job isn’t one that many people would be able to handle. We literally get yelled at all day long… it’s tough and it’s stressful and sometimes impossible to manage.
  2. Rhodiola – based on my stress levels and need to stay positive throughout the day. I need energy and these 2 will help with that for sure.
  3. Vitamin D – something I don’t get enough of and with knowing I live above 37º latitude, so was something they suggested, also supports healthier bones so something I need to focus on as a growing woman.
  4. Probiotic Blend – I eat everything, and sometimes my tummy doesn’t agree with me for being so adventurous so this one is a goodie that’ll take care of my tummy problems, aka the good bacteria.
  5. B-Complex – this one was hilarious. It said; “You told us you drink alcohol often and that you rarely eat fruits and vegetables” – so true… so true. You know me so well! B-Complex is pretty great, supporting your nervous system and includes tons of B vitamins!

I was so interested in trying all the other products they had so had a fun time adding tons of them like CoQ10, Astaxanthin, S. boulardii, Elderberry & Milk Thistle. It’s much better on the wallet to order from them too. Imagine buying all these vitamins and minerals in bulk from the store, or try some out each month and decide which ones you want to continue on with while saving about 20% compared to your local health store prices, so no mark ups! They have so many to choose from too, so you can truly focus on anything. They have vitamins like K12 that are fermented into a complex form and are easier to digest, minerals like Zinc & Iron, herbal supplements like tumeric and garlic which I find the most fascinating, probiotics made with those good bacteria’s, and some specialty items like fish oil made in the most natural environments and made from the most clean production practices.

Each month they’ll ship you a box with 30 daily packs personalized just for you. They range from $5 and up a month, but are generally $5 or $8 a month, unless your looking for prenatal or multivitamins which are obviously a little more costly, but still only around $12! Plus get free shipping on orders over $20. Use code SBG25 to get 25% off your first month!!!! That’s an amazing deal! Order here;

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