Mary’s Secret Ingredients – Fall Box


 Looking to try something new in the kitchen? Mary’s secret ingredients are just that, those hard to find items that will spruce up your yummy meals. Their Fall box is fun and exciting, never heard of any of these brands. I think I’ll make myself some pancakes this morning! Love how their Facebook page has recipes for each of the items in the box! Their quarterly subscription is full of sweet or savoury products, spices, sauces, and even a kitchen tool! I also really like that you can buy their past items in their marketplace as well, linking you to the exact ordering spot! In this box;

  1. Gluten Free blueberry pancake mix – Just add milk, butter and an egg and you got yourself some healthy yummy morning pancakes! Just add a little vegetable oil to turn them into waffles – mmm!
  2. Mom’s popped lotus seeds – such a random little snack that I’ve never heard of. Want a crunch? Just warm them up!
  3. Superseedz gourmet pumpkin seeds – Love the flavor of these, they are made with 100% pure maple sugar and sea salt, perfect for a fall snack! They also taste great on pancakes! Full of protein, iron, zinc, and all the good stuff!
  4. Nuts over Fish – I love this seasoning! I’m not much of a fish fan, never really made it at home besides shellfish, but with this seasoning I’ll be making it all the time! Want a perfectly crusted halibut? This cashew nut topping is the perfect mix of spices like garlic, cumin, coriander, plus a little brown sugar, orange peel and crushed cashews of course!
  5. POURfect – Their gadget this month is a measuring cup, perfect for making those pancakes up above! Your set now!

Starting at only $27 a month with free shipping with a 4 box subscription or $34 a month. use code TREAT16 to get a full years worth of seasons boxes for only $99! They are supporters of the Feed The Children program, love those that give to a good cause, and this one is great. Another bonus, subscribe to their newsletter for a free cookbook! Order here;

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