Penny + Grace


Ooooh I love jewelry subscriptions! Here is the Penny + Grace box! Each month you’ll receive 3+ dainty, delicate pieces of jewelry. They love the layering look, so go ahead and wear them altogether or separately! Their items are cute and you get to pick from 18k Gold, Silver, & 18k Rose Gold. I’m kinda in love with all 3 colours sooooo don’t know how I’d decide! Missed out on last months? They have an online boutique to purchase past items as well which I love! I’m head over heels for their Wanderlust Mountain necklace, it’s super cute, and I actually saw a friend wearing one this weekend! Their lost + found and eternity necklaces are also super cute… so pretty much I love it all! They have some fun stuff coming soon too! There is a super cute origami crane bracelet, I’m in love with the stone age earrings, barr earring and double arrow earrings.  In this box;

  1. Aloha necklace – Super cute paired with the other necklace or cute on it’s own, giving me the summer vibes ‘ALOHA!’.
  2. Pineapple necklace – My favorite for sure! Love this pineapple necklace, I’ve been wearing it almost everyday this week!
  3. Watermelon earrings – These are adorable little summer studs.
  4. BONUS – Zipbag and pineapple enamel pin – Super cute pin, and convenient bag for travelling or a little makeup bag!

Only $19.99 with free shipping. Such a great deal as on their own these necklaces are worth $18 each! So your pretty much paying for one necklace and getting a second, plus the earrings for free!!! This box is worth $60 bucks… such an awesome deal! Order here;


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