Awakening in a Box – Sleep Tight



Awakening in a Box is an enlightening box for those looking to explore the world of crystals. Ease your mind, body and soul with crystals and stones. Something my sister is very much into and is still new to me. This is something I should really be learning about thou, I never meditate, and should really start taking care of my inner self. This month seemed like the perfect fit for me as I have been having some trouble sleeping lately, but fear not, this box should do the trick! You can expect 3 stones/crystals, and 1-2 additional products to create a full theme. Now I What’s in this box;

  1. Selenite – surrounds your body with protective energy, cleansing your aura to wake feeling refreshed and relaxed, good for Taurus! This is the stone of mental clarity, of truth and honesty and of love.
  2. Black Tourmaline – eases sleep disturbances, fights those nightmares as well which I mentioned in a previous post I still need to make a dream catcher! Good for Capricorn. It provides a connection between the earth and human spirit, promotes a sense of power and self-confidence as well!
  3. Botswana Agate – This one is beautiful. I love it. eases sleep terrors, nightmares and sleep walking caused by trauma and stress, soothing power here. Good for Gemini & Scorpio. Perfect for harmonizing your yin & yang too, promoting inner stability.
  4. Third Eye vegan soap bar by Crystal Bar Soap – made with Amethyst which is a stress reliever and protects from negative energy, allows messages to come thru our 3rd eye and communicate more clearly, smells good too!
  5. Tea – happy this came with some tea as well in 3 flavors, perfect sleepy time tea.

This box only cost $14 a month plus shipping ($5 to the US) which is inexpensive when you look at how pricey some stones and crystals are, not to mention hard to find. I know of one great store on Vancouver that I frequent, but this takes the worry of searching out! Order here;


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