Backcountry Fuel


Are you trying to stay nourished and hydrated while on your outdoor adventure? What snacks and meals do you bring into the great outdoors to keep you energized? Backcountry Fuel is a subscription bringing you convenient and tasty on the go meals, snacks and treats so you can try the latest products and flavors that will keep you going when you need it most. We’re not just talking about granola bars. We want more than that while on a 2 day hike, traveling in the outback, or camping in the boonies. You need some options that are high energy, high calorie and lightweight. Not to mention tasty, and packed with quality ingredients for an active lifestyle.

You can expect to find items like jerky, protein bars, nut butters, energy bites, trail mix and even freeze dried meals! Their goal is to fuel greatness which I think is awesome. Give people the products and resources they need and they can accomplish anything! In this box;

  1. AlpineAire spicy sausage pasta – this pack can last 4 years! Great for storing in your emergency preparedness pack or bringing on a long haul adventure! Just add water!
  2. Off Grid Food Co. beef jerky – mmm my fav
  3. ” ” blueberry & cashew off trail mix
  4. YumButter almond butter – always good on some fruit or bread!
  5. Breakout bar x2 in coco nutty and crantastic
  6. Clif Bloks energy chews – I’ve always wanted to try these! In mountain berry and tropical punch.

Only $33.30 a month. Want to try it out for less? Check out their leftover boxes for under $25! They also give you coupon codes to order more if you love the products you got! Order here;


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