Tayst Coffee


Love coffee? Love the environment even more? Me too! Luckily TAYST brings you 100% compostable Kcup coffee pods, so no more plastic waste! Oh and those shiny bags? Those are all compostable! Insane right? In the past I’ve steered away from coffee pods but this is the first company I’ve seen that cares just as much about the environment as they do for their great tasting coffee. We tried the Hazelnut first and I’m obsessed. It’s subtle enough for the fancy coffee drinkers while ‘tasty’ enough for me, as I like mine a little more flavourful and robust. I’m obsessed with that red camp style mug as well, and the back of it is hilarious with a quote ‘Save the Earth, it’s the only Planet with Coffee’ – how perfect is that? I’ll have to write that on my next sign at the protest (yes I attend them when I can). Just choose how much, what kind, and how often you’d like your coffee pods delivered, than sit back and enjoy! I’m a big fan of the packaging with the burlap and clothes pins, the funny quotes and the attention to detail. They have lots of options to choose from; home delivered where you can choose from 30, 40 or 60 pods, or office deliveries where you can get a box full of goodies including jars and labels to hold your pods, plus a few of their adorable coffee mugs. Seriously they are awesome. Be sure to check out their online store where you can purchase these items individually like their cold brew canisters, coffee jars, individual fancy pants mugs with cute quotes and more.

They have quite a few different brews to try from including bold blends, medium roasts, vanilla creme, hazelnut (my favourite!!!) and even decaf! They work in Keurig and Nespresso machines. So how do they do it? They use a combo of paper, compostable material including the ink, bioresins from the coffee bean skins themselves, then the delicious coffee is in a bio-based mesh filter. They are doing what the can to become a zero waste company which would be a hard feat to conquer, but doable! They are also partnered with the Rainforest Alliance, so every cup you buy, you are helping to support families and communities where the coffee is grown. 

Starting at only $22 a month for a 30 pod pack and going up from there, they can even fulfill orders of 2,500! Now that’s a lot of coffee! Not to mention it’s a perfect gift idea for your coffee obsessed co-worker, boss, friend or loved one. Use code SUBSCRIPTIONBOXGIRL30 to get 30% off your first subscription box! Order here;


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