Muddler’s Moscow Mule


What’s your favorite cocktail? How about the perfect drink on a hot summer day? One of my faves to reach for is a Moscow Mule. So refreshing and crisp. I can make a mean Mule at home, but have been craving them when I’m out and not able to whip one up. I’ve recently been introduced to Muddler’s and I’m hooked! Even my mama loves them and she’s a Wine-O! Oh and did you notice the Copper can in place of the traditional Copper mug? Love it! I’ve seen them around for a few months so had to see how they measured up, gotta say, they are a new fav, kicking out those old news coolers.

They are blended with quality vodka, delicious spicy fresh crushed ginger and a splash of zesty lime juice with the right amount of carbonation. They even brew their own ginger beer! They are great out of the can or puuuurfect with your fancy copper mug full of ice, slice of lime, and a handful of fresh mint for garnish. Droooool. I’ve brought these in a cooler to the beach, baseball dugout, soccer sideline, boating and perfect for patio season! Best part is your can be your own bartender since they are pre-mixed, just pour over ice or grab a non-plastic straw! They are gluten free and don’t use artificial ingredients or flavours.

You should find their 6 packs in your local BC Liquor Stores, private retailers and Cold Beer & Wine stores. Can’t find em? Enter your postal code to find Muddler’s near you

More info here;

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