Swim Club Wet Bar


This Canadian girl is a big fan of our southern Neighbours and I try and get down to the US every second weekend. I’m always looking for the next best place to eat and drink and have finally found my match! Swim Club Wet Bar in Bellingham is my new favourite spot to grab a bite and fancy cocktail on their sidewalk patio. I had a chance to try then out for lunch yesterday and was completely blown away!

The decor takes me back to Havana and reminds me of sitting at the bar at El Flordita drinking a fancy cocktail decorated with flowers. From the lights around the bar, to the gold cutlery to the metal straws, they have all got all the details down pat!

The drinks? Out of this world. We tried the Swim Club Cocktail which is now one of my favourite cocktails, it helps that I’m a sucker for a gin cocktail and the orgeat sweetens it up perfectly, but that slice of dragon fruit is by far the showstopper. I actually had people walking by on the sidewalk stopping to comment on the cocktail! We also tried the Paloma Mi Amore which is a crowd pleaser for sure, not just your typical Paloma here folks! They have a drink list with 16 cocktails which made my heart flutter! I’m a sucker for cocktails so was pleasantly surprised!

Now for the food! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect since I was imagining sitting poolside so wanted something light and refreshing, the menu fits perfectly with the theme though so everything matched up perfectly as I’d hoped. I jumped immediately for the ceviche since it’s a favourite of mine, easy to mess up, but holy! This was deeeelicious! So crisp and fresh, I had to get a little of everything on the plate in one bite,…. it was one of those meals that you take a bite with your eyes closed and just enjoy… no joke! They used rockfish which I love, and Bibb lettuce rather than chips to keep it light like an actually poolside treat. We also got the Halibut, I wouldn’t typically order a halibut when I go out but it sounded too enticing to pass up, and ohhh how amazing it was! The halibut was light and buttery that did not require a knife whatsoever, it was perfect! Paired with some grains and leafy greens with a red sauce and green goddess sauce that had a hint of anise that could make you drool.

I was left drooling over the food and drinks and can not wait to get back there to try more! I can imagine they will be hugely successful with a food and drink menu that will satisfy them all! Be sure to check em out during happy hour too with some awesome specials!


1147 11th St, Fairhaven, WA

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