The Taste Box


Loving the Taste Box, always get excited about all the new things I can try in boxes like these! Let them introduce you to some new and amazing small companies to try out and inspire you in the kitchen. You’ll always get 3-4 full sized food or drink items that will inspire you to cook, bake and create marvelous tasting items! Excited about this Sugar & Spice baking style box, perfect for the holiday, with all my fav spices! Looking for a recipe with the below? They include a site to check out some recipes to use all the included ingredients! In this box;

  1. Chatsworth Summer Floral Honey – Oooo I love honey, and am always thrilled to get it in a box. It’s super expensive these days so I never get a chance to try the honey’s I’d actually love to try like this one, mmmm, 100% natural of course! 
  2. Saigon Cinnamon – mmmm smells so good! 
  3. Baking Spice – Perfect combo of all my fav spices! Whenever I bake I always put the same spices; cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, sometimes a little clove too. This one has a bit of ginger and allspice included, perfect for pumpkin pie and gingerbread! 
  4. Raw Nutmeg – I’ve actually gotten used to buying full nutmegs and shaving them right before, love the fresh smell, reminds me of Christmas!
  5. Mexican Vanilla Bean – Can’t wait to bake with this! Never used vanilla bean before, but very excited to try it out!

Their previous boxes look super yummy too, they had a Pasta inspired box and a BBQ inspired box with fancy BBQ Sauce, Ketchup & Moootard. Sign up today for 15% off! Only $29.95 a month! Order soon, the December box is already sold out! Order here;


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