Have you tried jumping on the health bandwagon recently but not sure where to start? How about pumping up your vitamin and mineral intake? I know that I’m guilty of letting all my pills packs live a sad life in the kitchen cupboards, that was until I was introduced to Vitamins3. They prescribe you personalized optimal daily packs for every day of the month! No more forgetting to bring your pills and no more bringing massive pill packs around with you! Each month you’ll get a full months worth of pills. Each pack will have 5 carefully selected pills after filling out a questionnaire so they can determine what your needs are. An expert will analyze your data and compare to provide the most optimal combination of supplement needs for each day of the month. With each month you will get a survey as well to determine that you are on the path to success with future vitamin packs, they are like your own personal vitamin and supplement doctor using an algorithm that takes into consideration your lifestyle and environmental factors.

Something I like about them is the phamplet you get with your pack that shows exactly what the pill looks like, name and description of it’s benefits, something I look for most! I had a few different combo’s of pills in my 30 month pack. I was given multivitamins – great combo vitamin that provides support to healthy hair, skin, nails and nutritional support. Also got CoQ10 – great for a healthy heart, energy production and antioxidant. Also got some Flaxseed oil which is good for pain in muscles and joints, perfect for me! As well as lowering blood pressure. Also got some Super B Complex which are good for the nervous system. Grapeseed, another good one for the heart and control acne. Got a few with Krill oil which lowers cholesterol. Vitamin E which is good for repairing hair, skin, vision, balances cholesterol and hormones and more. Lots of Tumeric which is great for arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain, and inflammation. Fish oil that helps with brain function and Cinsulin which aids in weight management. Based on the phamp

Only $39.99 a month. Best part? Get your first month free with their FREE trial! Order here;

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