Crystal Cove Beach Resort


Looking for the ultimate romantic getaway? Private hot tub, warm fire, gorgeous views kinda trip? The Crystal Cove Beach Resort in Tofino is an absolute must. But wait! They are also the perfect options for a family trip with kiddos. Rent one of 30+ cabin or tree houses for a week and you’ll never want to go back home! This resort has the most amazing staff, they are always smiling and offering to help in anyway they can, whether it’s a text to see if you require anything, to opening the door when you’ve got your hands full! Their property is fully equipped with a playground with tons of fun wooden structures that the kids will love and get hours of play from. Perfectly located steps from the beach and a hop, skip and a jump to town. In their office they have DVD’s, board games, coffee, tea, an adorable herb garden just outside the doors and a social area. They even have a box of toys and beach gear for the kids to play with!

Our log cabin was amazing! We were stunned how everything was included in the stay as well. In our private secluded cabin we had a cozy outdoor area to enjoy breakfast and a good book. We had our own BBQ which comes with all the tools you’ll need to whip up an amazing BBQ dinner. Our very own private hot tub, we took full advantage of that! It had all the bells and whistles and was the perfect night cap to a great day. Inside we had a massive fireplace with all the wood you require to keep your cabin as warm and cozy as you’d like, we only put one log on and it lasted all night long. Not to mention the rooms were already warm with in-floor heating that kept our toes warm! The shower is beautiful and fits 2 for sure, felt like a rainforest! The bed was massive and super comfy.

I love how they have a full kitchen, it literally includes every single kitchen tool and gadget that you might need to cooking, baking, roasting, BBQ’ing, shall I go on? They even have a Cabin Stocking Program where you leave it to them to stock your cabin so you arrive with groceries and everything you need to settle in! I haven’t been to a resort that literally thinks of everything! Missing something? They will ensure it’s on your doorstep asap! There is so much to see and do on your vacation to Tofino, but you’ll definitely want to set some time aside for perusing around the hotel grounds or just enjoy a cup of coffee on your balcony and enjoy the sweet sounds of the crashing waves and the smell of fresh air. The grounds are well kept with beautiful flowers and not too much clutter to distract from the natural views. You’re only steps away from all the outdoor adventures your heart desires, from paddle boarding and kayaking, to hot springs, fishing and hiking.

Bonus, they are pet-friendly and also offer up to 60 private RV spots! Don’t have an RV?They have 9 Glamping RV’s you can rent as well! It’s crazy because there was a vehicle in each spot but I didn’t seem many people around, we were truly secluded in our private little nook which nice for a change!

Find out more and book here;

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