How cute are these tumblers, traveler mugs and water bottles? Ello is a company I first noticed in Target and fell in love instantly! All of my coffee mugs and water bottles are made by Ello. Is it possible that I have an obsession? I think yes! They have mugs and bottles for all types of things like hydration, workouts, coffee, tumblers, travel mugs, cups and kids stuff too! The thing I love about them is that they let you show your individuality and style with all the colours and styles of products. I love love love all of these bright and exciting colours. They brighten my day at work, and keep me focused, no brown, black and grey for me. I need colour in my life! Another important aspect for me is comfort and ease of use. I need a travel mug that won’t leak, and spout that won’t drip, something easy to carry and transport which keeping my coffee, tea and water hot and cold. I also need something that will encourage me to drink more water, as I haaate water. Yes. Hate. But that bright salmon pink water tumbler makes me reach for it that much more! Their products are cute, affordable, modern and fun with their mix of bamboo, cork and silicone. Here we have;

  1. Devon 20oz glass tumbler w/ a straw in CORAL – This one is super bright and kept at my desk at work to encourage me to drink water, it’s soft to the touch and love the bamboo! It’s great for smoothies and other cold beverages on the go. The silicone sleeve makes it easy to grip and no slip, and reduces condensation. The fit lid is great for preventing spills too! Comes in Coral, Demin, Grey & Mint. Only $9.84. They have tons of other fun looking glass tumblers, but this is my fav!
  2. Campy 18oz vacuum insulated stainless steel travel mug – This one is super fun. I love camping, and camping mugs are super fun and in style these days. This one is massive and perfect for my coffee which I make at home and drink throughout the day. This travel mug keeps it warm for hours, and loving that cork inlay! They have this in a fun Georgia Peach colour, light and dark blue, and grey as well starting at $13.23.
  3. Jane 18oz ceramic travel mug – another fav, love the pop of colour on the bottom! Super adorable and great for my at home coffee.
  4. Gemma 22oz glass water bottle – love this water bottle, you can lock the lid or just push and it pops open. Spill proof with a straw that you need to suck to get traction rather than water being able to pour out.

They also have stainless steel and plastic water and juice bottles for kids. My sister lives by these types of bottles for the kids as they won’t break and are great for transport with cute colours and designs that the kids will love! Find them in stores like my faaaav Target, on Amazon, or order here;


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