Coava Coffee Roasters


Nothing like the smell of fresh coffee. I’m always looking for new roasters and new coffee to try. I love reaching out to companies around the world, especially to our neighbours in the south. Coava Coffee Roasters has been one I wanted to try as they choose sustainable methods of sourcing and roasting. I’ve been learning little by little more about coffee lately and am proud to support companies like this. They are socially responsible, something all companies should strive for when creating their product. They are a premier roaster in the US focusing on quality and traveling worldwide to source the very best single origin Arabica green coffee.

It was hard to choose a couple bags as we wanted to try it all at once, I love doing coffee taste tests! We jumped for the Santa Luzia and the Alto Mayo. We chose the Santa Luzia as it’s from Brazil in the Cerrado Mineiro Region which is known for specialty coffees, with tasting notes that include spiced apple pie, plum pudding, almond brittle and maple syrup it was an easy choice. It’s amazing. The Alto Mayo is from the Amazonas of Peru with the Coopbam Cooperative. I loved the tasting notes of apricot jam, dulce de leche, passion fruit, & pumpkin pie spice, mmm I love how people describe coffee… yuuum.

I loved all the information they provide on their website. I don’t read the story behind a company enough to appreciate the efforts they take to provide you with such a delicious cup of joe. It reminds me of the gratitude journey, and thanking everyone behind that single morning coffee. So be sure to check out their site and read up on their selection process, why they choose they beans and roasting methods they do, and what’s important to them. I also love the brewing methods portion, which teaches you step by step the exact way to get that perfect brew.

Of course they have a coffee subscription. Just choose from a classical, seasonal or unique profile and how much and how often you’ll need a shipment and they’ll ensure you are stocked up! Starting at $13.50 a bag for a biweekly subscription of 3x 250gram bags. You can also buy large kilo bags if your supplying an office. Visit them in store in Portland or San Diego or order here;


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