Yukon Bonanza Box


Have you always wanted to explore the Yukon? Fascinated by the ol’ Gold Rush days? Why not get the full experience without even leaving the comfort of your home! The Yukon Bonanza Box brings your an array of new curated items from the smallest and most northern territory of Canada. This vast land is far greater than mining for Gold these days. Let them introduce you to new businesses, artisan products, and fun and unique treasures made directly from the North! This seasonal subscription will bring you items for your home, decor, culinary delights and more! What’s inside their very first box?

  1. Uncle Berwyn’s Yukon Birch Syrup – delicious on some pancakes or on my yogurt with a little granola.
  2. Firebean Coffee Roasters coffee – a big bag of organic, fair trade wood-fire roasted coffee beans from Whitehorse, had a chance to try and it was delicious!
  3. Yukon Truck Mug – Love love love this fun mug by The Collective Good in Whitehorse.
  4. Detli’ Soap by The Yukon Soaps Company in Mayo – Loving the crisp smell of north with this juniper and fireweed ‘gin & tonic’ soap.
  5. Lingonberry Jam from the Yukon Wild Things – Some delicious jam with yummy flavors, perfect on my morning toast!
  6. Yukon Wild Morel Orzo – Ohhh yummy, morel’s are amazing tasting, loving this mix of spice, orzo, roma tomatoes and mushrooms in this ready to make orzo by the Twisted Gourmet in Whitehorse.
  7. 8×8 Canvas Print of a Raven – Love this, put it up in my room, it’s a beautiful print of a raven by Priska Wettstein in Dawson City. Hardly get to see ravens, but they are always on Dog Mountain when I go for hikes on Mt. Seymour.
  8. Yukon, North of Ordinary Magazine – Fun to get a glimpse into their everyday with a local magazine.

This is a quarterly subscription for $159 a quarter. All taxes and shipping costs are included in the price, they ship within Canada only. Order here;


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