The FEoNA Company


The Feona Company is a subscription encouraging female entrepreneurs. Through promotion, celebration and recognition, this box brings forward those women in business, letting you invest in yourself and your future. FEoNA stands for Females of North America. So stand up to help yourself and other ladies just like you get their foot thru that door and bust open that glass ceiling. It’s about time us ladies get our equal opportunities, our equal pay and a chance to shine brighter then any man who thinks he can do the job as good as us. What you can expect in this box is items to help you with your business like stationary, decor and business tools, as well as items to pamper you as the true woman you are with spa, health and beauty products, accessories and snacks. In this box;

  1. Dear Limits, Get Out of My Way by Ky-Lee Hanson – a great book to push you outside your limits and motivate you
  2. Nomz Energy Bites – mmm a delicious almond bite bar, so good!
  3. Pink diamond pen – I think these are so pretty, I have a white one already and they make me feel fancy!
  4. Tease Yerba Mate blend tea – a decently sized bag of tea
  5. You Got This Mug – cute pink mug supporting the female entrepreneurs of North America
  6. Sweetie mineral bath salt – with cocoa butter and coconut oil and makes the skin feel hydrated!

Get this bimonthly subscription starting at $47 a month. Open to US and Canadian residents only. Only of their past boxes was with $220, so you can expect high quality items here! Don’t forget to check out their site as their much more than a subscription box! Order here;

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