Are your toes ready for summer? Sandal season ladies! Time to get those toes pedicured up and ready to see the light of day again! I know that this week was the first super gorgeous week in Vancouver and I wore sandals every day to work. BUT I haven’t even checked out my poor souls in months! Time to get a little lovin’ from the FootBelles. Pampering your feet with foot scrubs, rubs, lotions and more so they’re smooth and ready for sandy beaches and long bike rides! In this box we got;

  1. Foot Mask – a deep moisturizing with Shea nut extract masque for your souls!
  2. Filberts Foot salve – mmm a nice orange and frankincense scent.
  3. WS Robsons honey & beeswax Peppermint foot cream – mmmm I love peppermint lotions for feet! Smell so fresh and clean!
  4. Soap – a little soap to scrub your feet
  5. Foot file – necessary for those dry heels
  6. Moisturizing spa socks – these are so fun! They are infused with Rose Essential Oil, Natural Gel and Vitamin E and are so squishy and fun!

Footbelles is not only a subscription, but an online shop to find a wide range of beauty products for your FEET! Their products are vegan, organic and cruelty free! This is a UK subscription but they ship worldwide starting at £30.00 and up monthly. They have 4 boxes to choose from. The Standard or Luxury Relax comes with 4-5 items like soothing soaks and scrubs that will ease and relax your toes like a spa Also the Standard or Luxury Rescue box with 4-5 items that will tackle your feet problems like dry and cracked heels. So soaks, scrubs and lotions. Order here;

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