Unbox Bizarre – May Box



How bizarre how bizarre! Unboxing the bizarre focuses on those not so mainstream wacky holidays that you didn’t even know existed…. or maybe you did if you are getting a box like this (tee hee) Eggs Benny Day? Penguin Awareness Day? Space Day? Loving it! I’m a huge fan of celebrating the holidays in style and now I’m good and ready for May! I was actually quite stunned by how cool this box was. When I initially opened it I thought it was only the blanket, but all the smaller items were hidden underneath and this box was actually full of bizarre surprises! I can be a bit of a geek sometimes, so this box was right up my alley, I love trying new things and would never think of a box like this, but was happy about everything in it! In this box;

  1. Duke imports Darth Vader Star Wars blanket – this is massive, and cozy ($45)! May 4th is Star Wars Day!
  2. Mini-golf desktop set – this is so cool, can’t wait to bring it to work, my coworkers will love it! Another steal too, this guy is worth $41! May 18th is National Golf Day!
  3. Swing Dance Special Volume 1 CD – putting this in my car to give it a listen on the way to work! May 26th is World Lindy Pop Day! (Lindy is a mix of jazz, tap, breakaway, Texas Tommy, Charleston & Jitterbug).
  4. American Outdoor Products Neapolitan Astronaut Ice-Cream – I can’t wait to try this, hope it’s good! May 6th is Space Day!

Added bonus is they donate $500 to a charity for every 500 subscribers! This May box is worth $105.00 so a steal starting at $33.45 plus shipping as it’ll always be worth $70+ for 4+ items. Use promo code MM2016 for 15% off your subscription today or check out the site for their other awesome discounts!



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