Yum Yum Candy Box


Candy obsessed? Want to try some sweet and savoury treats from all 4 corners of the world? The Yum Yum Candy Box brings your a box jam packed of candy every month. From flavours you’ve never tried to snacks you’ve never even heard of. I couldn’t believe how many items were in the box, it just kept going and going! Let them be the experts in finding you all the nostalgic, hard to find goodies from Spain, Poland, Mexico, the UK, and pretty much anywhere! In this box;

  1. Muddy Bears by Candyasap – these are my favs!
  2. Jolly rancher triple pop by hersey
  3. Polo fruits by nestle
  4. Reese’s tree by hersey – can’t go wrong with Reese’s
  5. Licky loot strawberry by sweet bandit
  6. Brannigans roast beef & mustard by kp snacks
  7. Hi chew watermelon by morinaga – these are so yummy!
  8. Quality street honeycomb crunch by nestle – mmm so good!
  9. Drumstick by swizzels
  10. Worlds cigarette bubble gum by world confections
  11. Sherbet fountain by barrat
  12. M&M’s white peanut by mars – so good!
  13. Milka yoghurt by milka

Holy moly, like seriously that’s a lot of candy! Only $19.99 for the I-Joy box filled with 7+ goodies, or $33.99 for the We-Joy box filled with 12+ candies a month like this one! Order here;


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