Divine Scents Aromatherapy


Divine Scents uses the power of essential oils to solve everyday problems. What ails you? Sore back? Anxiety? Headaches? Sleeplessness? Whatever the problem, why not try aromatherapy and it’s healing powers. They have a huge product line of creams, inhalers, ointments, room sprays, bath salts, butters, balms, the list is endless! Their products contain essential oils to ails life’s everyday problems. They even have products for stinky feet, snoring, eczema, the list seems endless! I just had to try out their inhalers. In this pack;

  1. Stress Relief – Bergamot, Sandlewood, Rosewood & Spearmint.
  2. Uplift – Bitter Orange, Lemon & Sandlewood.
  3. Focus – Coriander, Basil & Peppermint
  4. Sleepyime – Lavendar & Cedarwood
  5. Energize – Rosemary, Lemon & Balsam Fir

Their inhaler bundle like this is only $50. Or try their many different aromatherapy kits like the facial kit for only $75 or the recovery kit for $50. Something amazing about them? For every lip balm for life sold they will donate the entire proceeds to the Children’s Hospital in Wisconsin as they are looking to help families and patients undergoing treatments in the hospital. I love companies that give back! Order here;


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